Trees For The Future has planted over 225 million trees since 1989!


In their 2021 annual report, Trees For the Future published the astonishing number of 225,1 million trees planted throughout the world since 1989. The charity is currently focussing its activities in Africa. Overall, this work has restored almost 60,000 acres of degraded land and changed over 300,000 of lives.

And since July 2020 alone, 35,89 million trees have been planted (16% of the total number!) in The Gambia, Senegal, Mali, Chad, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. 

But does more than just putting seedlings in the ground. Local communities are involved and the tree-planting activities are part of the food production process and integrated in farming strategies. provided over 19,000 Technical Forest Garden trainings, using their inclusive, sustainable Forest Garden Approach. Using this approach in semi-arid countries like Senegal, they have proven that agroforestry is a solution to many of the challenges, effectively ending hunger and poverty while restoring the land and environment. 

Click on this link to see the 2021 annual report.

Trees For The Future is a Maryland (US) non-profit organization founded in the 1970s by Dave Deppner (who witnessed illegal deforestation, land grabbing and abuse while on a Peace Corps mission in the Philippines). He decided to do something about it and founded Trees For The Future, now headed by John Leary, Executive Director.