Dutch 'Vegetarian Butcher' produces superior plant-based meat


There is no denying ... we all love eating meat, whether it is good for us or not. And we know it is definitely not good for the environment. But there is hope. The Dutch planted-based meat brand "De vegetarische Slager", literally, the vegetarian butcher, succesfully produces veggie meat that tastes like real meat. Because the world needs a new way of consuming, and a plant-based food system seems to be the best way forward. 

Founder Jaap Kortweg, a 9th generation farmer, already switched from conventional to biological farming in the 90s. But when the swine fever broke out in the Netherlands in 1997, it gave a final blow to Jaap's ideas of meat consumption. Also considing animal welfare, he became vegetarian. 

Together with academics of the University of Wageningen, and innovative cooks, and having received funding for his new business plans, he started producing vegetarian meat.

Since 2021, the "Vegetarische Slager" has received numerous prizes for quality, taste and sustainability, and it was even #2 in the "Sustainable 100" in the Netherlands. 



Try out plant-based meat in your neighbourhood! To be honest, I have already eaten veggie-meat burgers that tasted far superior to 'normal' burgers!