"Good news instills hope and can catalyse action"

Good Climate News is an initiative of three sisters from Waasmunster, a village in Flanders, Belgium. We thought it was a good idea to publish good news, as we find ourselves drowning in ominous bad news about the planet. Bad news, while intriguing and crucial to build knowledge, it can be paralizing. Good examples and positive news are needed to show that change is possible, that nature can restore itself if we let it, that many people are working hard to achieve positive change, that each little action, no matter how small, has an impact, and that there is hope for the future. 

Our favorite quotes:

"Everything we do has an impact, but we can choose which impact we want to make" 

Quote by Dr. Jane Goodall. 

"In my lifetime I have witnessed a terrible decline, in yours you could and should witness a wonderful recovery" 

part of speech of Sir David Attenborough at COP26, Nov 2021. 

Elisabeth Bonne is a lawyer who works in Brussels as policy officer for the authorities of the Government of Flanders. She is part of the sustainable development team. 

Kathelijne Bonne is a geologist and soil scientist, and works in Madrid as a science writer and translator. Check out GondwanaTalks on natural science for a wide audience.

Helena Bonne is a bio-engineer and sustainable development specialist, currently working as a science teacher. She directs Tantélété, an ngo in northern Benin that supports and carries out ecological and social development projects. 

We invite Dutch speakers to visit our website De Planeetzusjes, for good climate news and sustainable ideas for the Dutch speaking community. 

We publish good climate change news. 

If you have ideas, or positive news, get in touch.